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The lower limb is highly complex & when optimal function is compromised this can lead to a loss in performance, pain, eventual breakdown & injury. Our sports podiatry consultations provide assessment, & diagnosis for musculoskeletal foot, ankle & lower leg pain/injury. Our aim is to help you return to your sport or activity as quickly as is possible.

Sports podiatrists establish what the issue may be, identify risk factors that may have contributed to its onset, & work collaboratively with you to find solutions to resolve the problem & minimise the risk of further problems. We work with both elite & non-elite sporting populations with acute & chronic injuries & non-sporting populations experiencing foot & ankle pain. 

Sports Podiatry Initial Consultation

Price: £55

Duration: 60 minutes

Assessment, diagnosis & treatment of foot, ankle & lower leg sporting & non-sporting pathology 

  • Detailed history + Musculoskeletal assessment
  • RS Scan pressure analysis & 3D scanning for custom foot orthoses
  • Pre-assessment suitability for shockwave therapy
  • Initital diagnosis & treatment plan
  • Onward referral to consultants/specialists if required

Sports Podiatry Initial Consultation + 3D Gait Analysis 

Price: £155

Duration: 90 minutes

For those experiencing continued injury, have a complicated problem or require a detailed biomechanical / gait assessment

Includes all elements of sports podiatry initial consultation plus
  • Identify injury risk factors, asymmetry & muscular imblance
  • Analaysis of hip, knee & ankle position, stability & control
  • Analysis of running footwear/foot orthoses & their influence
  • Detailed report 

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Foot Orthoses

We prescribe custom EVA & Phits 3D printed foot orthoses. They are often important in the management of foot, ankle & lower limb injuries for off loading tissue stress, aiding tissue recovery, stabilising joints & prevent further deformities. We provide foot orthoses for both sporting & non-sporting use including running, cycling, soccer/rugby, golf & everyday use.

Phits 3D printed custom foot orthoses

Price: £250

EVA custom foot orthoses

Price: £125

Prefabricated foot orthoses

Price: £65

Shockwave Therapy

EMS SWISS DOLORCLAST® Shockwave Therapy is approved by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) & is a clinically proven, non-invasive treatment for chronic soft tissue & tendon injuries including medial tibial stress syndrome, plantar fasciopathy & Achilles tendinopathy. It can help redcue pain & accelerate the healing process.

Shockwave Treatment (per session)

Price: £75

Shockwave Treatment (3 sessions)

Price:  £195

Specialist Footwear Advice

Being located within a specialist run store allows us to provide a professional clinical service around running footwear. 

Through current evidence based thinking we use the latest technology to provide fitting & advice around running footwear based around you & your requirments.